Shooting outside Dallas World Aquarium sends man to ICU

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Police are investigating a Saturday afternoon shooting in Downtown Dallas in a parking lot next to the Dallas World Aquarium.

Some aquarium employees were in the area when they say they heard several gunshots around 1:20 p.m. and saw a gold car in the center of the crime scene. It was smoking, possibly overheating

An EMT, visiting Dallas from out of state, heard the shots and rushed in to see if he could help. He says he saw a man slumped over in the driver's seat, with a gunshot wound to his head. Homicide detectives were on scene for several hours. Police tell FOX 4 the victim is in ICU but have not provided any other updates.

Families came and went from the popular attraction as police investigated the shooting next-door. FOX 4 crews saw least ten bullet casings with evidence markers next to them. A husband, wife and their 3-year-old daughter were parked in their car when the shooting happened. They say they did not see a suspect, but are thankful they were not hit by the bullets.

"I know the sound of gunfire, and so I'm looking around, I'm looking back at my daughter and I don't feel nothing hit my car," said Josh Gonzales, "I hope he makes it.”

People who work at the aquarium say they're used to panhandlers and small crime in this part of downtown, but a mid-day shooting on a Saturday is very unusual.