Sexual assault allegations grow for suspected peeping tom

Lake Worth investigators say a suspected peeping tom is now charged with sexual assault. They're looking into a second case they didn't find on the secret recordings.

Alexander Martinez is charged with sexually assaulting one woman three separate times over a matter of years, as well as improper photography. With his recent arrest on Wednesday, the list of allegations against him is growing.

The accused peeping tom is also charged with sexually assaulting the same woman three different times. Arrest warrant affidavits say the crimes that happened in 2013, 2014 and in May 2017 were all recorded. Police are investigating why each time the woman appeared to be unconscious.

Investigators say they found the sexual assault video among the hundreds of images and videos taken from Alexander’s cell phone and other devices found in his home.

"I can't disclose the relationship,” said Lake Worth Police Det. Rick Martinez. “I can say it is not a stranger-type rape."

In a different case, Lake Worth police say they are working with another department on a possible sexual assault from 2007 that may be linked to Alexander. Police believe he met that woman at a party or gathering he attended.

“MO is similar. Talks to them. Drinks were exchanged,” the detective explained. “The victim felt she was sexually assaulted. Woke up. She had no memory of this stuff."

Alexander was previously arrested last month on charges of invasive visual recording of women in dressing rooms and while they were shopping. Police say they have not found evidence of any other sexual assaults in the files they confiscated.

Police say videos they have also show Alexander peeping through windows. They say one case in particular is especially disturbing.

"A child being recorded through a bedroom window getting undressed,” Rick said. “Child looks like she's 8 or 9 years old."

Police say they're pursuing that case but haven't identified the child or where it happened.