Security guard maced on Black Friday in shoplifting incident at Minnesota mall

A shoplifting incident on Black Friday turned into a pepper spray attack on a security guard at the Northtown Mall in Blaine, Minnesota, according to the Blaine Police Department.

Blaine police say the incident happened around 9 p.m. on Black Friday at the Burlington Coat Factory.

Video surveillance shows two females try to leave the store with baskets of unpaid items. The loss prevention officer attempts to stop the two, but then, one of the suspects sprays him in the face with mace or a similar irritant. After initially leaving the store, the two then return to take some of the merchandise that had fallen on the ground.

Another store employee, who tried to stop the women, was also knocked over in the process.

One employee who was sprayed with the irritant needed to be taken to the hospital.

Police are hoping by releasing the video, they will be able to identify the people involved. The suspects face potential charges of aggravated robbery. Anyone with information is asked to call (763)427-1212.

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Blaine police are releasing video of the incident in hopes of identifying the suspects. (Blaine Police Department)