Schools taking steps to keep students warm

Fort Worth ISD and other districts are taking extra steps to keep students safe and warm.

FOX 4’s Dan Godwin went out to Sellers Elementary School in southeast Fort Worth. Fort Worth ISD was trying to get the word out Monday morning that the regular school routine would be a little different.

The school building opened earlier than normal to make sure that students and staff spent as little time as possible outdoors. Custodians also arrived earlier to get the school warmed up.

At the district’s bus barn, the buses started to roll at about 5:45 a.m. and transportation workers were told to be in early to make sure the buses were in good working order and sufficiently warm before students climbed on board.

Districts like Keller, Burleson and Weatherford said they were giving students extra time to get to the bus stops. Drivers planned to wait a few extra minutes at each stop.

With the temperature below 28 degrees and the wind chill even lower, both Dallas and Fort Worth ISD canceled outdoor recess for the day. Outdoor athletic events will be rescheduled.

Many other schools sent messages to parents to remind them to dress their children for the weather.