Richardson high school senior graduates in ICU

A special graduation ceremony was held for a North Texas high school senior who was placed in ICU after a jet ski accident.

Julianne Ennis was taken to the Medical Center of Plano on May 13 after she was struck by a jet ski while on a senior trip with classmates in East Texas.

Her injuries were too severe to be discharged in time for graduation from Canyon Creek Christian Academy in Richardson.

Classmates and and hospital staff held a special graduation ceremony for Ennis at the hospital to ensure Ennis experienced the once-in-a-lifetime milestone, despite the circumstances.

"Staff here at The Medical Center of Plano was great to allow us to come up here and include all of the seniors so Julianne could feel part of it," says Adam Miller, head of school at Canyon Creek Christian Academy. "And I know she felt really special and honored today."

"I am proud to be a part of a team that care for patients beyond their physical needs," says Charles Gressle, CEO of The Medical Center of Plano. "Small actions, such as a graduation ceremony for a high school senior, are the elements that significantly impact a patient's healing and experience while at The Medical Center of Plano."

Canyon Creek Christian Academy's ceremony is scheduled for Friday, May 20.