Restland Cemetery in North Dallas back open after Sunday's tornado

Restland Cemetery in North Dallas is back open to the public despite a massive clean-up operation in the wake of Sunday’s tornado.

Tree limbs are down across the property, located on Greenville Avenue near I-635, and multiple crews are working to make sure the grounds are safe for visitors.

Management says the cemetery's buildings suffered minor damage.

Even though they've re-opened, management is asking visitors to be patient as they continue clean-up.

"You look through the cemetery and it’s just basically total devastation in several areas. Very heartbreaking, not only to us, but to our families that have loved ones here," said Mike Day, general manager of Restland Funeral Home and Cemetery.

Operators say despite the destruction, the cemetery monuments and markers all appear to be intact.

The trees on the property took the hardest beating. Management expects that hundreds will have to be cut down during the clean-up.