Reporter gets puked on during live 4th of July broadcast

Most people spend the 4th of July grilling hot dogs, hanging out with family and watching fireworks. However, one reporter spent her 4th of July getting puked on by a random stranger.

KTLA's Wendy Burch was reporting on an "Iron Man" competition at Hermosa Beach, California. The competition includes running a mile, paddling a mile and chugging a six pack of beer.

Mostly, the contestants were a large group of sweaty, shirtless, drunk men.

While interviewing one of the contestants, Burch looked over to see a woman throwing up on ground. Mere seconds later someone tossed their cookies on her.


Burch wrote an article for the Huffington Post, which gives a play-by-play of the horrifying experience.

"You know, I once had a nightmare about reporting live, in the middle of a mosh pit, with hundreds of sweaty men throwing up all around me," Burch wrote. "To all you aspiring journalists out there, I'm here to tell you, dreams really do come true - especially in the age of viral videos."

Here's to hoping Burch has a better Independence Day in 2018.