Records show Dallas DA Susan Hawk only worked two days in May

5/25 UPDATE: A new statement released Wednesday from Dallas District Attorney Susan Hawk's office says she used nearly two weeks of planned vacation days before checking into a Houston clinic for depression. Hawk's office says she used vacation days from May 2-13 and had no work events scheduled during that  time.


Records obtained by FOX4 show Dallas County District Attorney Susan Hawk missed weeks of work before checking into rehab for a second time.

Key card access entries obtained through public records showed Hawk was in the office just two days in May.

The questions started last week when Hawk cancelled at least three speaking engagements -- including an event on mental health last Friday at the Dallas Public Library. That night, her office said she had checked herself back into the same Houston clinic where she was treated through August and September.

Seven months ago Hawk returned to work from a nine-week absence. Now, many people are wondering if her depression relapse will keep her out that long again.

Former Dallas County Republican Chairman Wade Emmert supported Hawk's decision to remain in office while receiving treatment last year. He now believes she may not be able to both care for herself and serve the people she represents.

"I stop at saying she can't do both jobs, at this point I just don't know if she can. I would hope she would make some decisions about that sooner rather than later," Emmert said. “Ultimately, I think we all want her to be healthy and safe. And if she can't do that in her current job, then I think she's got some decisions to make."

The District Attorney’s office wouldn’t say if Hawk's two week absence this month was unexpected or previously scheduled.

A spokeswoman said Hawk has not set a return date and no paperwork has been filed about whether her absence will be paid or unpaid.