Record heat doesn't stop Plano softball tournament

Thousands battled the record North Texas heat at a softball tournament in Plano on Friday.

USA Softball of Dallas/Fort Worth hosted a fast-pitch gold national championship tournament. The games still took place, but tournament officials started earlier in the day to avoid the peak times of hot temperatures.

One team from Tucson, Ariz. said the humidity was something new to handle.

“The humidity is what we are not used to, the heat we can deal with,” said parent Shannon Smith.

Jason Mannino, a coach and parent on the team, admitted it was more difficult to play in the humidity. The feels like temperature during one of their games on Friday was 109.

“This is not a dry heat, this is humidity. Florida weather. Coming out of your car you get wet right away,” Mannino said.

The teams made sure the players stayed cool with wet towels and plenty of water.

“I think it's okay as long as the girls are drinking water using their towels, looking good and feeling good, I think you keep playing,” Smith said.

Tournament organizers inserted a lengthy midday break in the schedule from noon to 5 p.m. so athletes can have time to cool down and get out of the heat. Officials added larger water coolers to keep everyone hydrated and umpires and teams were not allowed to participate in back to back games.

There was also an FC Dallas youth soccer tournament that took place on Friday and the Texas Rangers were set to take on Cleveland in a night game in Arlington.

The Rangers actually hold the current record for the hottest MLB games ever played. The games in June of 1980 and August of 1988 both hit 109 degrees. They will put that record to the test over the weekend.

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