Prosper cheerleader hurt in freak tumbling accident improves

A Prosper High School cheerleader who suffered a devastating injury last month is showing signs of improvement.

Makayla Noble may soon be moved out of the ICU. She suffered a spinal cord injury during a tumbling accident. And she has a message for those who have shown her support over the past few weeks.

As the football season goes on at Prosper High School, 16-year-old Makayla fights on in her hospital bed. The senior cheerleader is making strides in her recovery after suffering a spinal cord injury from a tumbling accident last month. 

Makayla’s father, Greg Noble, has been by her side. 

"She’s handling this better than anybody, adult or child, could," he said. "It’s inspiring. I am so proud of her."

In a huge win for Makayla this week, she could swallow on her own and could be out of the ICU in a few days. The world champion cheerleader still has limited movement in her arms. 

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Makayla is on oxygen during the day, and some nights she needs a ventilator to breathe.  Two weeks after the accident, doctors say it’s still too early to tell if she will ever walk again. 

"She had big dreams of being a college cheerleader, and that’s all changed," Greg said.

"We just want to let her know she’s a part of us and still with us," said cheer coach Cameron Jones.

Friday night, the Prosper Eagles took on McKinney at home. In the crowd were signs of support from students. On the sidelines, there was an open space saved for Makayla. 

Jones says her spot is irreplaceable.

"Just to let her know we are thinking of her" he said. "We aren’t moving on from her. We are moving on with her in spirit."

Miles away from the field, Makayla’s spirits are still high.

"My optimism has not gone anywhere," she said. "Still the same Makayla." 

The teen now hopes her strength inspires others as she begins her new path in life. 

"This happened as a horrible thing, but she’s taking it so well," Greg said. "And she has faith in God’s place for her."

Makayla is moving to a rehab facility next week. She has at least a year of recovery.