Preps underway for Reunion Tower New Year's Eve fireworks show

The biggest New Year's Eve show in North Texas will be in downtown Dallas where a huge fireworks display at Reunion Tower will ring in 2018. But with the possibility of bad weather, organizers are prepping for a Plan B.

More than 15,000 pounds of fireworks are sitting in Reunion Tower ready to go off in a programmed show. It’s the second year a pyrotechnics extravaganza will happen at Reunion.

Ed Peterson, who creates the show, said he personally thinks about it year-round and how to make it look amazing for viewers.

“Typical fireworks show are shot from a level playing field, if you will, and shot vertically,” he explained. “This show we have all the different levels that we get to play from. So we have the base which we call the cake top because it kind of looks like a wedding cake and all the landings as we work up to the sphere itself and then all around the sphere so that's what makes the building special.”

This year’s preparation includes waterproofing all the equipment to withstand any precipitation. Plastic covers all the electrical equipment in case of rain. If there are sustained high winds, officials say they work closely with Dallas Fire-Rescue to make the call to cancel the show.

“The show will go on. We are gonna find a way,” said Reunion Tower President Dusti Groskreutz. “We'll just delay several minutes, and then we'll go. So it's not going to be an extensive delay.”

There will be eight control computers to synchronize the fireworks, including more than 3,000 cues for special effects.

Best views of the show won’t be at Reunion Tower or the grassy field next door that used to be the site of Reunion Arena. Organizers suggest being further back along the Trinity River or at Trinity Groves.

Music accompanying the show will be simulcast on 102.9 FM.

Temperatures are expected to drop into the 20s and with wind chills in the teens when the show occurs just before midnight on Sunday.