Police: Woman raped at gunpoint in Uptown Dallas parking garage

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Dallas police are searching for the man who raped a woman at gunpoint in a parking garage in Uptown.

The victim told police the crime happened just after midnight early Friday, while she was walking in the lower level of the AMILI Quadrangle apartment parking garage in the 2700 block of Howell St.

The gated parking garage on is for apartment residents, but there's no indication the armed attacker lives there.

As the woman walked to the elevator, police say the suspect walked down a ramp toward her. The two "exchanged pleasantries." And after they passed each other, the victim said she heard the suspect come up from behind her.

When the woman turned around, police say the suspect took out a gun and forced her back to her car. The suspect then sexually assaulted her before stealing some of her things and running away.

Police say the suspect is described as an unshaven 30-year-old black man, who is 5-foot-9 with a medium build. He was wearing a gray do-rag, a dark t-shirt, a light-colored jacket, gray sweat pants, and older tennis shoes at the time of the sexual assault.

Katie Cantu-Broderick parks in the same garage. She uses the public section of the garage, which is separate from the secure apartment resident section where the woman was attacked.

“I park there every day so that's really scary,” she admitted.

Word spread quickly through the vibrant neighborhood where many people walk alone at night.

“I was just upset,” said Laurel Stinemetz. “I don’t want my neighborhood that I live in to be dangerous. I don't feel like it generally is.”

Police did not say what kind of weapon he used. The woman called 911 after the attack.

People say they’re doing what they can to protect themselves.

“Get my pepper spray out,” Cantu-Broderick said. “I mean that’s really scary, actually. I don't like that.”

Dallas PD plans to have additional police officers patrolling the area over the weekend.

Management at the AMILI Quadrangle had no comment about the alleged attack. However, they did email a letter to residents informing them of the incident, urging folks to stay vigilant.

Detectives are working to find surveillance video of the area or any potential witnesses.

Police are asking anyone with information about this crime to call Detective Holmes at (214) 671-3637.