Police searching White Rock Lake for missing Grand Prairie couple

Police are now using boats and sonar to search White Rock Lake for a Grand Prairie couple who disappeared earlier this week.

Hours after they were reported missing, police pinged 26-year-old's Weltzin Garcia's phone. It took them to White Rock Lake, where they found 28-year-old Alfonso Hernandez's two-door black Honda Accord.

Garcia’s family reported her missing early Tuesday morning, along with her common-law husband, Hernandez.

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On Saturday, the search for Garcia and Hernandez entered its fifth day.

“Things just don't add up with the car being abandoned here,” Grand Prairie PD officer Mark Beseda said. “It's not a normal missing person type of scenario, so we just wanna make sure we're covering everything.”

After days of searching White Rock Lake by horseback, on foot, and with drones, Grand Prairie police and fire took to the water Saturday morning with lake patrol units using sonar to look for any clues that might lead to Garcia and Hernandez.

“White Rock is a pretty large lake. We've got several miles of shorelines. So it is a long process, but we're following the shorelines, checking the water, checking the shoreline also, and see if we can come up with anything,” Beseda added.

Garcia's family has been out at the lake multiple times this week posting flyers. They say they haven't given up hope and believe both are still alive.

Family members say the couple had a violent domestic dispute that led to Garcia pressing charges against her common-law husband for assault.

Police confirm they had a warrant for Hernandez's arrest, and that he sent alarming text messages to his family early Tuesday morning.

In addition to searching the lake, police also have search warrants for computers and electronic devices.

“We believe there might be some danger involved, being the past incident with an assault. Anything is possible, we just want to find them and hopefully they're both safe,” Beseda said.

Investigators plan to be back out Sunday to continue their search.