Police searching for gunman behind deadly Saturday morning shooting

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Police are looking for the person who started shooting at a Dallas gas station, early Saturday morning, killing a man and injuring two others.

It happened just before 3 A.M. at a Texaco in the 5700 block of Singleton Ave. in West Dallas.

Dallas police say the shooting started after a disturbance at the gas pumps, when one of them pulled out a gun.

Employees say the clerk on duty was in the back stockroom when he heard the gunshots.

”He just heard the sound from there, like bam bam bam, like that. He just hid there, he was scared,” said employee, Achut Thapa.

Police say bullets hit three men, killing one of them. The other two were taken to the hospital with serious injuries, but are expected to survive.

The gunman got away. Dallas police are looking for surveillance video of the incident.