Police searching for father suspected of sexually assaulting toddler

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A 14-month-old girl, kidnapped in San Antonio, was found safe in Dallas, Saturday afternoon.

Authorities in Bexar County issued an amber alert for the girl when they learned she may have been sexually abused by her father.

Fox 4 is no longer identifying her because of the sensitive nature of this story.

The search for the girl ended in a wooded area of Telephone Rd. just north of Cedar Valley College.

The Bexar County Sheriff’s Department tells Fox 4 the girl’s mother and father, Fortino Cornejo, had shared custody. The mother was supposed to have custody, Friday, but instead of bringing her the child, Cornejo texted a lewd photo that indicated he sexually assaulted the girl.

Police traced Cornejo to two different spots. One was another wooded area north of Mountain View College. The other was the neighborhood on in the 2800 block of Salerno Dr.

“Yeah, he lives, don't know if he still does, a few houses down," said a resident.

A police helicopter began searching the area.

“It was scary because I didn't know what was going on," said another resident.

Failing to locate her, police issued an amber alert at 7 A.M. Saturday morning. They found the little girl four hours later, around 11 A.M. near Cedar Valley College. Police are not saying how they knew she was there.

Police have now turned their full attention to finding Cornejo and bringing him to justice. Bexar County Police say Dallas Fire and Rescue checked out the child. She was taken to Children’s Medical Center of Dallas, which is a routine precaution.