Police investigating beating at Deep Ellum DART station

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A man who was beaten unconscious at a DART train station tells FOX 4 he is surprised by what's in the police report.

A witness posted video of the Sunday night attack on Facebook. It lasted almost three minutes, starting on board the green line train and ending on the platform at the Deep Ellum station. DART says it wants to find the attackers, but that's not how the police report reads.

Kennan Jones is the man in the middle of a Facebook video showing a group of people, young men and two women, attacking him because he told them to put out the pot they were smoking on the train. The beating lasted several minutes as they took turns punching kicking and slapping Jones.

“It wasn’t no reason for that,” he said. “Especially all I'm telling you is just put that out right now.”

No one helped Jones as he was attacked, including the man who recorded the video and told FOX 4 he was afraid to step in.

Two men wearing orange shirts, who were not even involved in the initial beating, joined in hitting Jones while he was on his knees. At one point, Jones charged all of them and they took him to the ground again with one of the young women hitting him in the head with a skateboard until he fell unconscious.

Jones saw the video for the first time Tuesday afternoon, a day after being released from the hospital.

“How difficult is that to watch,” asked FOX 4 Reporter James Rose.

“It’s not difficult,” Jones said. “It’s just sad that our generation is lost like that.”

Jones says someone called police. But when DART officers arrived, he says he was disrespected.

"To me, I was assaulted in another type of way by the police officers who were standing there looking at me like I did something wrong,” he said.

DART Spokesman Mark Ball says police are actively investigating and asking for the public's help in finding the assault suspects.

“It's awful,” he said. “We want to catch the ones who did this. The individual who was assaulted refused to press charges, but DART has the power to press charges.  So if we can catch them, we are going to do so."

“That’s not true,” Jones said.

The DART police report says Jones does want to press charges, but it also shows the status of the incident as closed.

"Why would you think I wouldn't want to press charges after being assaulted like that?” Jones said.

Anyone with information on the suspects is asked to call the DART Police Department at (214) 928-6300.