Plano robotics team rebuilds wheelchairs for patients in need

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A group of Plano middle school students used their heads to give with their hearts. They’re called the Smarty Party.

The student robotics team at Hendricks Middle School fixed a broken electric wheelchair and gave it to a person in need.

Their first project went to a stroke survivor. The man has paralysis on his left side and hasn’t been able to work.

Members of the team said when it comes to helping people, they’re just getting started.

“We’re really going strong and we’re really trying to push it and get it out there. So it’s a big deal and I definitely think it’ll stay with all of us or at least me for the rest of my life. And it just makes me feel good,” said Morgan Shouse, an eighth-grader at Hendricks.

The Smarty Party said it has five other wheelchairs they’re currently working on.

The students hope to give them away in the near future.