Plano 13-year-old gives backpacks to kids in need

People can learn a lot from a Plano 13-year-old. He spent this past weekend getting and filling 100 backpacks with school supplies for children in need in Collin County.

Jaxson Turner worked hard to get the money to pay for all the backpacks and supplies. He held to virtual lemonade stands and raised about $4,000.

“It was very emotional for me because just seeing their smiles really warmed my heart and I felt like I was making God proud,” he said.

He said buying all the supplies and stuffing the backpacks was a little overwhelming. He spent four hours shopping and then was afraid he might not get everything done in time.

But Jaxson is no stranger to community service. A few years ago he started a non-profit organization called N2Y2C, which stands for Never 2 Young 2 Care.

“My message is that you are never too young to care about others and we all need to work together to make our community better and try to help as many people as we can in need,” he said. “I just want to spread that positivity to others.”

Jaxson was also recognized by the Plano Police Department after he collected thousands of water bottles and brought them to people at a Black Lives Matter rally earlier this year.

“The reason that I wanted to go there is to show young brown men that they are never too young to care. We may be young and we can’t vote but we still have a voice. If there’s passion in your heart, then you help however you can,” he said.

His next event is going to be a Christmas project. He decided that he won’t accept any gifts this year but is asking everyone to pitch in to help him give a hot meal, coats, socks and new shoes to the homeless.

“And face painting to add some fun,” Jaxson said with a smile.