Perfect attendance! 3 football super-fans attend their 57th Super Bowl in Arizona

When it comes to perfect attendance, three football super-fans are making history.

Don Crisman, Gregory Eaton and Tom Henschel have been to every single Super Bowl since Super Bowl I.

"I still think the Super Bowl could have been a failure, and if you look at it today, that doesn’t seem possible," said Crisman.

The trio, who calls themselves the "Never Miss A Super Bowl Club," landed in Phoenix on Feb. 10.

"Getting together with these guys is just as important as the game," said Crisman.

"We all have the same goal: just go to the Super Bowl," said Eaton.

And as the name goes, these three members, have never missed a Super Bowl since it started in 1967. Every touchdown, every interception, every single history making moment, these guys have been there.

"[Super Bowl] LI is my favorite because my team was down and out 28 to 3, and they came back and won in the overtime," said Crisman.

While their home teams aren’t playing this year, the trio is divided on who they’re rooting for.

"I'm going with the Eagles," said Henschel.

"Chiefs," said Eaton.

"Eagles," said Crisman,

Trip describes long journey to perfect Super Bowl attendance

The three have, at various points, almost ruined their perfect attendance record. 

"I promised at the 30th I was going to quit, and when my Patriots got in 31, I had to go," so I promised again at 50 I would quit, and then the Patriots got in 51, I had to go," said Crisman.

One year, Henschel was stuck in the ER after an allergic reaction to seafood, but that didn't stop him.

"I threw out the IV and the oxygen, and batted out of that hospital took a cab back to the hotel and went to the game," said Henschel.

Trio witnessed a changing Super Bowl

Back in the day, Crisman said the price of a ticket was much more affordable.

"I have some of the real tickets from the first three. The interesting thing is they were $12, and that was a sideline seat. They had $6 seats in the end zone," said Crisman.

In the years since, the three have seen everything from upgraded stadiums, the invention of the seat cushion, fancy holographic tickets, and hyped-up halftime shows.

"The halftime show was two college bands, no superstars," said Crisman. "I believe the first one was Michigan and Arizona, and then they let some balloons and a basket of pigeons go. That’s what I remember."

For the three, perhaps the most important thing is sharing memories and laughter.

"I feel guilty sometimes I have met so many people who say they would give their right or left arm to go to one, and here, I have been to 56 I feel like I am greedy," said Crisman.

The trip were honored on the field for the 50th game, but they said their dream is do one day do the coin toss. 

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