People are lovin' McDonald's McPickle Burger idea

McDonald’s got itself in a pickle on Monday when it attempted an April Fools' Day joke that left some Australian customers angry.

The fast-food chain posted a video on Twitter claiming it was adding a new burger, the McPickle, to its menu in Australia.

“Pickle lovers, it’s the news you’ve all been waiting for. We’re super stoked to announce the launch of our brand new McPickle Burger,” the Instagram post read. “It’s time to tuck into juicy, flavoursome pickles layered between melted cheese, ketchup sauce and toasted sesame seed buns. It’s sure to be a treat for all your senses. #dailynuggets #mcpickle #pickleoverload #maccas #imlovinit”

The truth soon began to unravel and the initial joy some felt about the “new” burger turned sour. McDonald's Australia also commented on its own post by saying, "Available until yesterday."

McDonald's in the U.S. also got into the April Fool's spirit with its new "Shake Sauce," milkshake sauces that you can dip your chicken nuggets into. 

Varieties include vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and even Shamrock shake flavors. 

Though commenters knew it was a joke, many thoroughly supported the idea.


FOX NEWS contributed to this report.