Parker County Sheriff seeks help IDing attempted kidnapping suspects

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Deputies in Parker County are investigating an attempted abduction, unrelated to another attempted abduction in Cedar Hill, but similar.

Police are asking for the public's help in identifying two attackers who they say almost kidnapped a teenage girl.

Sherri VanCampen found her and says she’s glad she came along when she did.

“Just out of my peripheral vision I thought oh my gosh that's a body," she said.

That body was a 16-year-old girl, exhausted, barely breathing.

VanCampen was the first of several people who stopped along the I-20 service road in Aledo Wednesday evening to help.

"When I got there she was still unconscious and I just started she had a hold of a handkerchief, a bandana so I got that wet and I was on the phone at that point with 911," she said.

Parker County detectives say the girl was walking northbound on 1187 near I-20 around 6pm when she was attacked. The teen told deputies two men in a truck pulled up behind her, the passenger got out and tried to pull her into the truck. She picked up a rock, hit him on the head, then hit him with her elbows.

They drove off and she ran Westbound on the south service road to I-20.and eventually passed out.

"Her breathing was shallow and I could tell that she'd been there for just a little bit because her face was real blotchy red," said VanCampen.

Aledo ISD confirmed the girl was a student and posted an alert to parents about the attempted kidnapping on its Facebook page.
The girl told deputies she didn't know or recognize the men.

The passenger is described as Hispanic, slim build, early 30's, short brown hair and long sideburns. They were in a single cab red Toyota truck with chrome trim, running boards, and a bad paint job. First responders took her to a hospital. She’s now with her parents.

"We asked if she was hurting anywhere and she said my head she goes I got hit in the head a guy hit me in the head," said VanCampen.

Investigators say the girl was initially headed toward New River Church, about 6 miles from where she was found.

Sherri VanCampen feels like she was put there for a reason.

"I really do feel like it was you know God did play, it was his hand in all of it"

A representative from the church says they are not aware of the girl's identity and haven't been contacted by the girl's family for any support needs.