Parents address Italy ISD school board after shooting

The Italy ISD school board and parents appeared focused on coming together Thursday to help one another heal following Monday's school shooting.

Students penned messages supporting the 15-year-old girl shot in the high school cafeteria Monday. For the first time since the shooting, the school board met with parents and students.

Some raised questions about the 16-year suspect's past disciplinary issues. He's charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon for shooting the girl and targeting another student.

Law enforcement sources tell FOX 4 the girl and the shooter had been in a relationship that ended, but police would not address that topic.

There were no visible signs left of what happened Monday in the high school cafeteria, where the Thursday meeting was held. But the community is still very much affected by what happened there.

“Many kids are safe today because of your actions,” said Dallas firefighter Charles Hyles. “Anyone saying differently and wasn't here are ignorant to the facts.”

“I just want to know what we can change,” said parent Susan Harris. “What would make this better for y'all? What would make it where our children wouldn't have to be afraid of the guy in the next seat going nuts on them? It’s just not acceptable. And if we need to change laws, we need to change laws.”

Superintendent Lee Joffre acknowledged parents’ concerns throughout the week and has said he cannot talk publically talk about discipline issues regarding any students.

Joffre also spoke at the meeting and says grief counselors have been at the school to talk to students, faculty and staff.

The superintendent also encouraged parents to come talk to them as well. They'll be bringing in comfort dogs to help students cope with what happened.

The superintendent also says he's met with the victim and her family, and they want a full recovery for their daughter and for the whole community as well.