Pampers unveils new technology that alerts you when its time to change your baby’s diaper

If you need help judging whether it’s time to change your baby’s diaper or not, Pampers has got you covered.

Procter and Gamble unveiled Lumi by Pampers, an all-in-one baby monitor system, at a recent trade show in Las Vegas.

“Lumi uniquely combines a smart HD video monitor with an activity sensor and brings the information together in an easy-to-use app, so parents have a real-time holistic view of their baby’s sleep, feeding and diapering patterns, all in one place - 24/7,” the company said in a press release


Lumi by Pampers all-in-one Connected Baby Care System. (Photo by Business Wire)

Data from the app is then used to create insights and tips for parents, which are helpful throughout a baby’s development and growth.

“Parenting is the most important job you’ve never done, and it was clear there was an opportunity to enable parents to better anticipate their baby’s needs,” Omer Sher, head of the Start-up Pampers team said.

“Lumi solves this by helping parents blend real tracking data with their own intuition in a friction-less way as they find their rhythm as a family.”

Lumi by Pampers retails for $3.49 and is available for purchase online.