Out-of-state softball players struggling with Texas heat

Hundreds of softball players from across the country are in Plano practicing for a national championship.

But with the heat index soaring over 100 degrees and the excessive heat watch in effect, precautions are being taken to keep everyone safe.

USA Softball's 2018 GOLD National Championships are being hosted at Heritage Yards in Plano. About 70 softball teams from all across the country are there to compete with the heat as much as each other.

A group of teens are from Southern California.

"They can sometimes get to us,” said player Nayeli Torres. “But we just try and forget about it and just focus and play our game."

All of the players struggle with the heat. But with all the gear, perhaps catchers feel it even more.

"It's really hot back there,” one player said. “The sun is like really beaming down on you and it's just radiating from the ground. It's hot.”

The athletes routinely stay hydrated and are used to being outdoors.

Children's Health of Plano has an air-conditioned cooling station on the grounds and. So far during this tournament, no one has been transported for heat related illnesses.

"It's a real challenge when you bring people that are not from our climate into our environment,” said Jeff Baggett with Children’s Health. “And it can be a shock."

The tournament goes on through Saturday. Because this kind of heat is so dangerous, tournament organizers say teams or umpires will not have back-to-back games.