Operation Texas Strong donates renovated RVs to homeless veterans

Bobby Crutsinger and his wife, Peggy, acquire donated RVs, refurbish them, and work with social workers to identify homeless veterans to give the vehicles to once they meet certain criteria.

"They deserve so much more than what I could give them. But when you give a veteran a home, it helps them rebuild their life," Crutsinger said.

FOX 4 was on hand for the most recent transfer for U.S. Army specialist David Roberts, who served in Iraq.

"I was overseas in Iraq and Baghdad for a year in 04 and 05," Roberts said.

He’s been without a place to call home for the past year, that is, until now. 

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"I feel grateful it’s a little unreal. I don’t know the words for it. It’s unreal, but I’m very grateful, I feel blessed," Roberts added.

Crutsinger’s non-profit is called Operation Texas Strong.

The motivation also comes from within his own family, as his father-in-law, a Vietnam War veteran, passed away four years ago.

His wife’s mom loves what they’re doing. 

"It just makes me proud. You know, proud," Michelle Sorcic said.

As for the new RV owner, it makes Roberts happy for a new start.