On Your Side: Amazon savings hacks you didn’t know about

Think all of this shopping from home during the coronavirus pandemic has turned you into an Amazon expert? Turns out you may be leaving money on the table.

E-tail experts know the Amazon act: scroll, click and buy. But are you surfing past savings? One shopping expert says yes.

Kyle James is the founder of ratherbeshopping.com, the savings site that unlocks the secrets to cashing in when you're checking out. He says Amazon is no exception.

“You can't really go on their home page and find these things,” James said. “They don’t really list ‘em.”

Instead of heading to Amazon's homepage, start your shopping on their lesser-known coupons page. You can find digital deals at 15, 20 and 30 percent off. Just click to clip, and the savings are automatically applied.

“You’ll see tons of these products on the page that have these coupons waiting out be clicked on,” James said.

Speaking of tons of products, who among us hasn't auditioned an item from Amazon only to return it. Ever wonder where they all go?

They are sold as Amazon Warehouse deals. Each one gets inspected by employees, sorted by condition and marked down.

“These are all products that have been returned,” James said.

To find them, navigate to the menu bar and select "See All Programs.". Then, choose Amazon Warehouse.

You can also choose “See all buying options" from a product listing. Some items are brand new in the box. Some may have a scratch or dent. It's all disclosed upfront, and it’s all under the 30-day return policy and manufacturer warranty.


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