Notre Dame cathedral restoration: Spire revealed, marking progress after fire

When flames tore into the top of Notre Dame cathedral following a devastating fire in April 2019, people worked in the cathedral and fans all over the world felt devastated.

But as the famous Paris landmark's reopening draws closer, the restoration of the cathedral of Notre Dame hit another milestone Tuesday.

Scaffolding that once shrouded the top of Notre Dame cathedral was removed in recent days, revealing the Notre Dame’s new spire, adorned with a golden rooster and cross.

A resident near the cathedral, Frederico Benani, who witnessed the 2019 blaze, told the Associated Press he felt emotional Tuesday at seeing the spire again.


The new golden rooster is seen atop the spire between the two towers of Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral on February 13, 2024 in Paris, France. (Credit: Chesnot/Getty Images)

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"I can open the window in the morning. I see Notre Dame. I see the spire — it’s for me, beautiful and it’s much better (than) before," Benani shared. "It gives us hope."

When Olympic visitors descend on Paris for the Summer Games in July, officials said the rebuilt spire and roof should be complete, giving the cathedral a finished look from the outside.

This means work will still continue on the inside. Upcoming projects include tuning the cathedral’s 8,000-pipe grand organ and other renovations.

The cathedral is scheduled to reopen its doors to the public later this year on Dec. 8, 2024.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.