North Texas under freeze warning Monday night, temperatures to fall into 20s

All of North Texas will be under a freeze warning on Monday night, with temperatures expected to fall into the 20s.

The National Weather Service expects overnight lows in the mid-20s, with a wind chill in the teens.

People are encouraged to bring in their pets for the night, cover plants and pipes outside and turn off their sprinkler systems.

“Some of your tender plants need to be brought in, your tropicals especially. Things you might’ve had out for a Halloween display, if you want to keep them through Thanksgiving, bring them in for a couple days. When it warms up put them back out, let them get some sunlight and they’ll be just fine,” said Mark Ruibals, owner of Ruibal’s Plants of Texas.

Haltom High School is one of the few playoff-bound football teams that practiced outside on a day when wind chills were in the upper 20s.

The district's cold weather policy says when it's this cold, players are only allowed 30 minutes of exposure to the elements. Extremities have to be covered.

The cold weather policy is similar for O.D. Wyatt High School players who got to use the indoor facility at Sam Houston in Arlington, thanks to good old-fashioned brotherly love.

"We're one big happy family,” said O.D Wyatt Head Football Coach Zachary Criss. “So we tried to take care of each other as much as we can as long as we're not competing directly."

Conveniently, the coaches for both schools are brothers. So with Arlington's Sam Houston not in the playoffs and Fort Worth's O-D Wyatt needing to get out of the cold, the offered their indoor facility.

"Fort Worth is like a brother district to us. We're married together. We share lines. So whatever we can do to help someone when they're in the playoffs,” said Sam Houston Coach Anthony Criss. “Because people have always been good to us, but we would like to return the favor when we get a chance for somebody to come over and have the opportunity to come in and make sure they don't miss any practice."

Temperatures will rise above freezing during the day on Tuesday before dropping below freezing again Tuesday night.