North Texans try to stay cool while outdoors during the summer heat

The heat didn't keep North Texans from getting outside Saturday.

Katy Trail in Dallas had several people walking and enjoying the summer weather.

It was sweltering hot out, but those at the Dallas 40Love Tennis Classic were still determined to make the most of their weekend outdoors. 

"We always advise them to hydrate two or three days before the tournament. Drink plenty of water and then when they come drink plenty of water," said Linda McGill, Dallas 40Love Tennis Classic president.


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ERCOT has issued a Weather Watch from June 25-30 due to forecasted higher temperatures and higher electrical demand.

Temperatures were at or near triple digits at Kiest Park, but that didn’t stop tennis lovers from playing at Saturday’s tournament.

"We did call paramedics today. Paramedics are on call and they come to our tournaments once or twice," McGill said.

Player Larry York said he came prepared. 

"It’s even hotter on the tennis courts, at least 10-15 degrees hotter on the tennis court," he said. "I have my umbrella, I have my cooler with ice. I have my Frog Togg."


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Meanwhile, on the Katy Trail, runners and walkers with their dogs kept cool with misters. 

"I like heat, but once it gets past about 95, I don’t like it so much," Ian Stagemen said.

Even those who enjoy the hotter weather are left ready to escape the heat and stay inside. 

"I walk everywhere here, so it’s not as pleasant to go for a walk in Uptown, feels kind of more like a chore," Stagemen added.

People are advised to drink plenty of fluids and stay in an air-conditioned room.

Also, don’t forget to check on neighbors and friends.