North Texas man impersonating police officer arrested after pulling over off-duty officer

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Anna police are adding a new vehicle to their fleet after confiscating it from a cop impersonator who was caught after pulling over an off-duty Plano PD officer.

Kenneth Spence, of Plano, was recently arrested and charged with impersonating a public servant.

Police say Spence was using a 2013 Taurus police car to make fake traffic stops. The vehicle had a dash-mounted emergency light bar with red and blue lights, a flashing lights grill, and a siren.

Recently, Spence unknowingly pulled over an off-duty Plano police officer near exit 49 on Highway 75.

He was reportedly dressed in police-like clothing, displayed police gear, and was carrying a gun.

The off-duty officer thought something was up, and took a photo of the vehicle, which clearly showed the license plate. After the traffic stop, the officer went and filed a report with Anna PD.

Investigators later found the Taurus in Plano, and a Plano officer was able to stop the vehicle and take Spence into custody.

Now, the Anna Police Department is putting the vehicle to good use, and adding it to their fleet of police vehicles.