Events held across North Texas celebrating dads for Father's Day

Sunday is Father's Day, and several organizations spent the day honoring and thanking fathers and father figures in North Texas.

Concord Church in Dallas pulled out all the stops to make sure fathers in every sense of the word felt appreciated.

Fathers and father figures were celebrated for the love and strength they bring to their families as they continue to positively impact their community.

Krislyn Morris spoke about her father, Deltrick Morris.

"He likes working on cars he spends a lot of time outside," she said.

Deltrick’s wife also praised him for the impact he’s had.

"Thankful for him being present and him being an active dad. Helping out with extracurricular activities, dropping off, pickup, helping out as far as fixing things around the house," Kendra Morris added.

"Being present is the thing that I didn’t necessarily get as much as I would like, so using that information as a negative, changing and turning it into a positive," Deltrick said.


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Father's Day founder Sonora Smart Dodd was raised by her dad after her mother died in childbirth in 1898.

With faith being at the center for those at Concord Church, the Heroes Foundation and the Mark Cuban Foundation presented the event.

"The Bible guides us in one way, and then we also use our community, and it starts at home. Normally, a man in the home brings up the family," John Choyce said.

"We want to make sure that we celebrate them because the world tries to call dads out, but here at Concord, we’re here to call dads up," assistant pastor Aaron Moore said.

And celebrate they did, with a car show, food truck, and photo booth for families to remember the day. 

"My dad was an incredible dad and I have a 2-year-old son myself. So one of the things we’re trying to make sure we have is that your legacy is not just tangible, it’s intangible," Moore added.