North Texas family finds creative way to support hospitalized loved one while visiting is restricted

With hospitals restricting access to visitors, families are coming up with creative ways to show support for loved ones who are recovering from surgery or sickness.

One family “signed” up to support their grandfather.

At Baylor Heart Hospital in Denton.

On Wednesday, the Isaacson family was determined to see its patriarch after a planned surgery, even with restricted access.

"It's unfortunate, but safety for all," Bill Isaacson said.

“He had a triple bypass last Tuesday and we couldn't come see him, so Mackenzie thought what if we took some signs and taped them to his window so he could see them," Shelley Isaacson explained.

The gesture was such a hit, they made it a ritual. Every day since Bill Isaacson's surgery, his family has shown their support through his window.

They are thankful for grandpa Bill's ground level room and cell phones, so they can hear each other.

Through it all, they’ve watched him grow stronger.

"The nurse would pull up the blinds and we'd tape it to the window and he would just look over and smile,” Shelley recalled. “Actually, he had a thing on his face, but every day he was getting better.”

Mackenzie is the official sign designer.

"It makes me happy because I know that it gives him confidence because he's told us it gives him confidence in getting better.  I really want him to get better so he can come home," she said.

"He likes visitors. We're a big family. We enjoy sports. We're always around each other, and for him to get visitors, see faces, more than just talking on the phone, even though you've got technology and you can do video chat, but seeing the actual face and talking has been great,” Bill’s son, Scott, said.

Wednesday’s visit just may be the last window party visit.

Bill has improved so much, he’s being moved to a rehab facility for the next step in his recovery.