North Texas company donates new cars to four COVID frontline workers

Christmas came a little early for four people who are on the frontlines of COVID care.

Each of them received a new car on Wednesday to help relieve some of the stress they've been dealing with during the pandemic.

Four fortunate frontline workers received a free set of wheels from Caliber Collison, a North Texas collision repair company.

Michael Diva is a first-year nurse at Baylor Scott and White in Dallas. He works with cancer patients who have been exposed to COVID-19. Until today, he’s been getting by driving a 2006 Toyota. The upgrade is now a 2017 Nissan Maxima.

"It’s a more reliable car than what I had," he said. "And I don’t have to fear, especially since it’s going to be winter soon, and I don’t have to fear of it sliding around with a more reliable car."

Demarcus Turner faces possible coronavirus exposure every day. He heads to work as a Dallas police officer of 10 years. His wife is a police officer as well. They have two young daughters and a teenage nephew who recently came to live with them. They get a 2017 Pathfinder.

"2020 has been a real rough year with the pandemic and everything," he said. "Us as first responders still have to go out there and do our jobs every day with the caution of the pandemic. Beyond me, there’s a lot more people that’s well deserving of this more than I am, but I really appreciate it."

Single mother Samantha Christian is a nurse at Baylor Scott and White. She did not own her own car until Wednesday.

"I’m excited and still in awe that I’m actually sitting in a car and this is mine and that somebody actually gave me a car," she said.

"This year, we picked nurses, medical workers, police officers, people out there serving truly in the line of fire when it comes to COVID," said Brent Jones with Caliber Collision.

It’s one company’s community service and a special Christmas gesture for a few grateful frontline families.