New lease on life for teen with double transplant

Talia Williams had little chance of survival on her tiny impoverished island of St. Vincent. But she’s now a double transplant recipient -- and has a life ahead of her she never dreamed possible.

Williams loves her new bike, the color pink, her awesome dogs and a few other summer time favorites like shopping, swimming and in the pool.

It’s all a new way of life for a 13-year old who came to the U.S. gravely ill with kidney and liver failure.

"She had really accepted the fact that she was gonna die. She says she'd get up every day and say, well today's the day I'm probably going to die, and she was okay with that,” said guardian Kristi Miller.

Miller's father, a retired physician, met Talia and realized how sick she was during a mission trip to the tiny Caribbean island of St. Vincent-- a place with very little advanced medical care.

In April, after months of immigration and legal issues, prayers were answered. Talia underwent a double transplant at a hospital in Houston. She has a new kidney and liver.

"Her labs look great. They're all really happy with how she's recovering,” Miller said. “Transplant kids are in and out of the hospital and she hasn't been. We've been on the verge a couple times... we've been able to smooth through it."

They will move to Houston so Talia can be close to her team of doctors. Her first time to attend school in the U.S. comes in the fall.