New Keurig machine makes cocktails instead of coffee

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Courtesy: Drinkworks

Move over, coffee pods. There's a new machine in town, and it's geared toward happy hour!

Keurig may be known for its coffee makers, but the company has teamed up with Anheuser-Busch InBev to create Drinkworks Home Bar, a machine that can craft a cocktail with just a pod.

The appliance uses specialized pods and CO2 canisters to prepare cocktails, beers, ciders and more at the touch of a button, the company says.

There are 24 drinks to choose from, including margaritas, sangrias, Long Island iced teas, Moscow Mules, mojitos and beer.

The drink maker costs $299, plus about $4 per drink pod and $7 for the CO2 tank.

Right now, the machine can only be bought in St. Louis, Missouri as part of a pilot program, but the South Florida Sun Sentinel reports the machine will be available for purchase in Florida, California and Missouri stores this summer.

For more information, visit the Drinkworks website.