New high-tech park coming to Downtown Dallas’ West End

The newest park in the city of Dallas will undergo a virtual groundbreaking Monday, complete with a video tour.

The West End Square, which is currently a parking lot surrounded by Market, North Record and Corbin streets, will be a centrally-located green space in about year.

It will include features such as an outdoor workroom, porch swings, prairie gardens and a game room. It will also be a testing ground for incorporating technology in a public space.

West End Square is part of a four-park plan for Downtown Dallas. Pacific Plaza opened in October and two others will be built in the near future.

Parks of Downtown Dallas CEO Amy Meadows stopped by Good Day Monday morning to talk about the master plan.

“The master plan was updated because real estate had really changed in downtown. Lots of development had occurred. Two parks from the original plan – Pacific Plaza which you’ve mentioned and West End Square – were identified in 2004 but never built. So those are now being built first

The four parks are being funded by $39 million in city of Dallas bonds and $63 million in private funds.