Natural Light seeks beer-loving, 'Natty-Qualified' summer intern

Natural Light is searching for a summer intern who has meme-making skills and who can just be an overall cool human being without being “annoying.”

The beer brand launched its search Wednesday and is asking those who want to be part of the “Natty Light” culture to apply. Internship seekers have until May 19 to submit a “Natty Resume” that will impress and delight the alcoholic beverage company.

Natural Light is looking for someone who is “Natty-Qualified” which means they live by the values of the brand. According to the beer company that means the person values “making amazing memories as much as a stellar GPA” and who is “just as creative writing an English 102 essay as they are converting a bathtub into a cooler.”

The lucky winner will get to attend sporting events as a brand ambassador, partake in guerilla marketing, create viral content across the Natural Light social channels and, of course, “design some sick swag that gives consumers all the feels,” among other responsibilities. They will also create a weekly vlog for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook detailing what they’ve done.

Anyone who applies must be 21 years of age or older, know social media, have an attention to detail, “be outgoing, but not annoying,” be confident, know how to spell protractor and “just be cool.”

The search for a “Natty Light” intern will be undertaken in three phases.

The first phase involves candidates submitting their unique resumes from now until May 19. Once the deadline has passed, phase two kicks in.

From May 20 until May 22, a panel of Natural Light judges will cull the resumes until five finalists are left. Resumes will be judged on creativity, uniqueness and brand representation. The people with the highest scores will become the finalists.

The final phase involves an interview process and a possible background check. From May 23 until May 26, each finalist will take part in a Skype or FaceTime interview with the time and date determined by Natural Light. If any finalist cannot make that date and time, he or she can be disqualified.

Each interview will also be judged by a panel for the following criteria: qualifications, past experience and who can best represent “Natty Light.” The person with the highest score will be determined the winner and offered the coveted summer internship.

The potential winner will be given an eight-week paid internship at the New York office, which starts June 10 and ends Aug. 2.

To apply for the internship, head to

This story was reported from Los Angeles.