Nail salons get creative and busy crafting Eagles design for fans ahead of Super Bowl LVII

There is Eagles gear and the jerseys, or maybe something for the pets, or a flag for the house. But, what about a manicure? Nail salons have been busy and creative with Super Bowl designs.

"Something like this for Eagles," said Hannah Thach. She’s a nail tech on special assignment fulfilling Super Bowl themed nail design requests for customers.

"We have Eagles colors. So I'm going to use this color and I also use white, black and gray," said Thach. It’s been the craze for weeks now at Happy Nail & Spa in Exton.


"30. At least 30 customers do Eagles designs," she said. It began when the Eagles won the NFC championship.

"Some people want the word Eagles, some people want color, the wing, eye, or Eagle eye or the whole bird," said Thach.

"They can come here and bring me the picture, show me the picture and let me do it or some people they trust me and just let me create it," she said.

Friday evening, she got Jessica Sweeney ready to cheer on the Eagles for Sunday's Super Bowl.

"I'm so excited. Yeah I love doing design and I love to do Eagles because I love Eagles," said Thach.

She started with a green and white base, then crafted a different design for each nail.

"The design is like with the Eagles, I love the heart and she did the Eagle so fast. I love how she did the line. I love the glitter and I love the color," said Sweeney.

Thach says it's tedious work but worth it.

"To be honest it's hard but I love to do it. So it's not bad," she said.

Others who didn't get Eagles themed nails still showed up at the salon dressed in their best for the birds.

Anything for a victory.

"Go Birds!" yelled Thach and Sweeney.