NAACP issues travel warning against American Airlines

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American Airlines has invited the NAACP to meet after the civil rights group warned African Americans against flying on the Fort Worth-based airline.

The organization claims passengers could be discriminated against or face unsafe conditions.

The NAACP said over several months it has learned about disturbing situations reported by passengers, including Tamika Mallory's claim in a Facebook post she was kicked off a flight by the pilot following a dispute with an airline employee over her seat.

The Fort Worth and Tarrant County NAACP branch said since the national organization released the travel advisory warning against American, they have heard from two people locally who believe they have an issue with how they were treated while flying the airline.

The NAACP said in one case, an African American passenger was forced to give up his seat on a flight from Washington D.C. Because he responded to discriminatory comments by two other passengers.

"Being in the city of Fort Worth, American Airlines is our largest carrier,” said Estella Williams, President Fort Worth Tarrant County NAACP. “We really don't want to have that same kind of an experience to continue -- great time to make a correction."

American Airlines said in a statement it's disappointed by the travel advisory by the NAACP, but are ready to meet with representatives to work it out. American said if the NAACP has a mission is to remove all barriers of racial discrimination, American Airlines also believes that and will not tolerate discrimination of any kind."

The local NAACP said it expects to get more calls now that the travel advisory warning is out, but they'll make sure they're documented first.