'Moms Don't Quit' event held to honor & help out North Texas single parents

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A group of single parents were honored Sunday in Dallas for the efforts they make for their families. One of them also went home with a life-changing surprise.

Tacacia Clark was overwhelmed with joy after being selected to win a Cadillac from a group called ‘Moms Don't Quit.'

"This is so overwhelming. I cannot believe it," she said. "I just feel so thankful right now."

Clark sobbed before sharing her story. She is a mother to five boys, and said she and some of her children were abused by their father.

She said it took hearing someone else's story of turning their life around to inspire her to do the same.

It's why she was at the event in Addison that honored single moms. They were treated to music, motivational messages, and school supplies for their kids.

The men behind the mission all grew up with single mothers.

"I remember being back and forth in adoption centers. I remember just being back and forth in different homes. I was actually born in a Salvation Army," said Joaquin Calbazana.

Calbazana started the Dream Reset Program, which gathered all of the items that were given out to the single parent families at the event. He teamed up with former Dallas Cowboy Kelvin Edwards, who opened a car dealership in Cedar Hill after getting out of football.

Edwards said he always wanted to give back to mothers like his own, helping support the more than 250,000 single parent homes in DFW.

"There were days that I came home that no food was on the table. There were days that I came home that there was no light, no water running. There were days that I didn't know where I was going to get the next meal from. But my mother always knew to trust God," he said.

"I just want to step up to let the moms know there's someone out here who cares," Calbazana added.

"If your heart says give it, give it," Edwards said. "It don't matter what the circumstances might be, and it don't matter what they do with it."

It means everything to Clark.

"Thank you, thank you so much. Your program is amazing," she said.