Mom and pop restaurants ask for support as pandemic stretches on

The owner of a Far North Dallas diner said restaurants need more support in order to survive the pandemic.

Chef Tom Fleming from Crossroads Diner talked to Good Day FOX 4 about the difficulties of trying to turn a profit while operating at limited capacity.

Fleming has been a professional chef in Dallas for more than 20 years. His restaurant is known for its sticky buns and great comfort food.

He said if people want their favorite food spots to stick around they have to do more and soon.

“If restaurants go down, nobody’s going to really believe how bad it’s gonna get. I hate to sound dire but that’s the reality. And the sooner we as people in this country face the human cost of this pandemic what it’s going to do to us locally and nationally, we need to get off our butts and start helping local businesses because everybody needs help,” he said.

Fleming encourages people to dine in if they feel safe, in addition to getting food to go.