Military mom surprises son at Frisco school

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A Frisco mom serving in the U.S. National Guard surprised her 5-year-old son at school when she got to come home a little early.

Diamond Henderson had to miss her son's first day of kindergarten. So when she found out she was coming home from the National Guard early, she thought of a way to make up for that.

Julius got the surprise of his life on Thursday when his mom came home four-and-a-half months early.

Henderson had just joined the guard and trained at Fort Lee in Virginia.

“It was pretty hard. I thought about why I was there,” she said. “I'm doing it for their future, making our family better.”

Henderson has a civilian job as a dental hygienist. She believes joining the National Guard will help her achieve her dream of becoming a dentist.

“Other than to serve my country, going to school is very expensive,” she explained. “Just looking for any assistance that I can for when I pursue my education as a doctor of dental science in the future."

So touched by the happy reunion, Frisco ISD’s Scott Elementary school shared it with everyone.

One of Julius’s teachers said he had been talking about how much he missed his mom since school started.

While they are together now, Henderson’s service to her country is only just beginning.

“I’ll be here as long as I can before I'm needed,” she explained to him.

Henderson does not know when, where or how long her first deployment will be. For now, she's enjoying some much deserved time back at home.