Michigan man seen driving in viral court Zoom gets learner’s permit

The Michigan man who went viral for his virtual court appearance while driving has another legal update. 

Corey Harris has officially obtained a learner’s permit. 

His attorney shared video with FOX 2 Detroit of him smiling and dancing at the Michigan Secretary of State's Office.

Video of Harris’ virtual court appearance went viral last month after he joined the hearing via Zoom while driving. His case was over a suspended license. 

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Court footage showed Ann Arbor Judge Cedric Simpson’s dumbfounded reaction as the defendant joined the court hearing from the driver's seat. The judge ordered him to turn himself in to the Washtenaw County jail by that evening. 

Harris later went on to tell local media that he had no idea he was driving on a suspended license, and at one point it appeared he may have been a victim of a clerical error from years ago

But several days later, the judge in the case revealed he’s never had a legal license in his entire life anywhere in the United States. 

This week, Harris took steps to amend that and earned his learner’s permit. 

His attorney called this a step in the right direction for Harris.

He's expected back in court next month when his misdemeanor charge could be downgraded to a civil infraction.

This story was reported from Detroit.