McKinney school resource officer program earns national recognition

The city of McKinney is honoring the police officers who work at local schools.              

The school resource officers were recognized at Tuesday’s city council meeting. It comes as one high school student remembered the time a school resource officer went above and beyond for her.

Next week, Beatriz Alvarez will walk the stage at McKinney High School graduation as the first in her family to receive a diploma. She was told she could select one school staff member to honor as the person who impacted her most.

“I automatically thought of Officer Logan,” the high school senior said.

Alvarez thought of her school resource officer, Curtis Logan, also called C-Lo. He is known for his hugs.

“A hug. Always a hug,” she said. “You cannot miss a hug.”

Officer Logan remembers the day he met Alvarez during the winter of her sophomore year.

“She’s grown into a great young lady and it just fills my heart,” Logan said. “I knew she was cold and I asked her, ‘Why aren’t you wearing a coat?’ And she said she just didn’t have one.”

Logan says in his years as a school resource officer, he’s learned that sometimes his role is not just to be a law enforcement officer, a mentor or counselor, but a father figure.

“I had her meet me after school that day,” he recalled. “We got together. I drove her up to the store and I had her pick out a coat and I bought her a winter coat.”

Alvarez wore that for the rest of the year and hasn’t forgotten it in the years since.

“It just meant someone cared for me and was looking out for me,” she said.

“You could see the gratefulness in her eyes and her heart and just know that a simple thing you can do can make a difference in a person’s life,” Logan said.

That’s just one simple act by one of 16 SROs for the city of McKinney.

"I couldn't be more proud of these guys that are in the schools doing this,” said McKinney Police Chief Greg Conley. “And we heard one story for Officer Logan tonight, but there are many other stories like that."

The McKinney City Council proclaimed Tuesday as McKinney Police Department School Resource Officer’s Day and honored them for being one of just a few agencies to be recognized as a National Model Agency for SROs.

“I didn’t realize how close a bond we would form with these children,” Logan said.

Part of the reason the department received this recognition is because of the work they do outside of the school year. They host a Teen Academy in the summer that is coming up soon. It gives middle school students an inside look at law enforcement.