Mask mandate extended through end of September in city of Galveston

FILE: A woman wears a mask on the beach after it was reopened on May 1, 2020 in Galveston, Texas. As part of phase one Gov. Greg Abbott reopened the beaches to the public Friday along with restaurants and retailers. (Photo by Callaghan O'Hare)

Galveston residents and visitors will be required to wear masks in most city businesses through the end of September.

Galveston's City Council voted 5-2 on Thursday to extend the mask order until September 30.

The vote comes within a week of the city issuing a face-covering order.

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The city's order will remain in effect unless changed by another vote of the council.

The mandate requires businesses to establish a Health and Safety policy requiring employees and visitors to wear masks when they cannot appropriately social distance at a space of at least six feet separation. The masks must cover the nose and mouth.

There are exceptions for eating and drinking, and other activities, which may be found at the link below.

"We know we can't stop every case of COVID-19, but we can all do our part to reduce the risk and protect the safety of employees, residents, and visitors of the island," the city said in a Facebook post.

On Thursday, Galveston County added 149 new COVID-19 cases, bringing the total to 2,415, as Texas continues to report record highs. The recent surge in case numbers and hospitalizations prompted Gov. Greg Abbott to suspend elective surgeries in parts of the state and pause further phases of reopening.

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For more information on the city of Galveston's mask order, click here.