Many North Texans still hoping Congress can pass a second stimulus bill

We’re nearing nine months into the coronavirus pandemic, and there's been some progress into getting passed it.

More people are back to work, and a vaccine could soon be in mass distribution.

But COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations are on the rise across the nation, and some people are still struggling to find work.

“We are in the charter bus service and there is absolutely nothing going on. Since March 15, we've had three trips,” said Mel Jackson, owner of Transportation Unlimited Inc.

Usually, Jackson said he would be booked with school trips, conventions, and other events.

He said the initial rounds of COVID relief helped, but months later, things are not looking good.

“We tried to hold onto our employees, and we lost most of them because everyone has to go out and find a job,” he said.

Jackson, like many others, are calling on Congress to pass an economic rescue package which would send out another round of stimulus checks.

President Donald Trump's name appears on the coronavirus economic assistance checks that were sent to citizens across the country April 29, 2020 in Washington, D.C. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Congressmen Colin Allred and Van Taylor spoke with FOX 4 about if there is real movement in Washington.

[REPORTER: “What will it take to get past the gridlock?”]

“I think the solutions are there. I think it really is people being adult about this and getting in the room and say, ‘Let's get something done,’” Taylor said.

“I am still hopeful. I have been hopeful the entire time because the need is so tremendous,” Allred said.

The election is over, and President Donald Trump is in what’s called a lame duck period.

Usually, this is a time when not much is done in Congress.

But with a pandemic not slowing down, many want Congress to pass a bill now.

“We can’t wait until January 20, before Joe Biden is sworn in. We have to make sure to do something before then,” Allred said. “We are heading into a holiday season where a lot of folks aren't going to be able to put any gifts under the tree or take care of their family's members, and they are going to be worried and concerned. The least we can do in the Congress is try and make sure they have the aid and the help to get through this.”

Congressman Taylor said no one disagrees that more relief is needed.

He said it’s a matter of putting partisanship aside and working together.

Taylor said President Trump still has influence to get members of his party to get something passed.

“The President is in a position to exhort Republicans in the House and Senate to do something, that's what he did in the spring, and he should continue to do that until whenever he steps out of office,” he said.