Man tackled to ground, arrested after high-speed chase through Dallas County

A man led Dallas County Sheriff’s deputies on a chase throughout the southern part of the county on Monday morning before surrendering.

Deputies brought an end to what was at times a high-speed chase, with the man running from deputies often driving the wrong way on Interstate 20 and nearby surface roads.

The man was driving a stolen Mercedes Benz. At one point during the chase, he stood up and poked his head up through the sunroof of the car.

Shortly after, a woman in a black car pulled alongside, almost like flagging him down trying to get him to stop.

At the conclusion of the chase, the man got out of the car with his hands up – but then proceeded to try and run away from deputies. He was quickly tackled to the ground.

Sources identify the driver as 35-year-old Billy Ray Perkins Jr.

Wesley Lewis had a front row seat from his yard. 

“For you to act like that and hanging out the car and driving the way you driving you make me think you on something,” Lewis said.

It turns out Perkins has a long rap sheet. He has 11 prior Dallas County mugshots for various arrests, including aggravated robbery and assault charges.

At the end of it all, there were no serious injuries.

Perkins was arrested yet again. This time, he was hauled off in an ambulance just in case.

“I’m glad it unfolded the way it was,” Lewis said. “He was caught and everybody going home safely.”