Man on trial for killing Iraqi immigrant in Dallas

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A Dallas County jury was told an accused killer’s girlfriend tried to cover for him.

Nykerion Nealon, 18, is on trial for the murder of Iraqi immigrant Ahmed Al-Jumaili last year.

A secret service agent testified about internet searches made on Nealon’s phone that included phrases like “How to beat a murder case in Texas” and “How to wipe memory from a cellphone.”

Family and friends of the dead man are demanding justice.

“If the defendant is found guilty, you know, it’s not a winning type of situation. There’s no winners when that happens. But they do want justice for the loss of life in the case of Ahmed Al-Jumaili,” said Alia Salem, with the Council on American Islamic Relations.

Al-Jamaili had only come to the country three weeks before his death. He was shot outside his northeast Dallas apartment complex while admiring snow for the first time.

Nealon, a known gang member, faces life in prison if convicted.