Man drowns in Lake Ray Hubbard trying to save a life

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A 43-year-old man drowned Sunday after he jumped into Lake Ray Hubbard to save a fellow boater.

According to police, a group of people were on a boat at the lake about 1 p.m. Sunday when some of the occupants got into the water to swim. One of the people in the water was having difficulty swimming and needed a life vest. A male jumped into the water with a vest in hand, but was not wearing one himself.

He gave the life vest to the other swimmer and they both made their way back to the boat. Once the person in need was back on the boat the rest of the people on board noticed the man who went to save the other person had vanished.

Search and rescue crews were unable to find the man's body on Sunday. The search resumed Monday morning after rain moved through the area. His body was found by officials on Monday afternoon.