Man armed with AR-15 shot and killed by Austin Police officer

Austin Police say an officer shot and killed a man who was armed with two long guns early Saturday morning. 

The incident started around 1:08 a.m. with two men fighting in the parking lot of a pub in a shopping center along Anderson Mill Road near Olson Drive. Police responded to a panic robbery alarm at 10401 Anderson Mill Rd.

One man had a handgun which witnesses managed to take away from him. When the first officer arrived police say the suspect, who had the gun, had already left. The officer took possession of the handgun.

Around 1:36 a.m. the man came back with a shot gun and an AR-15. Officers were called back to the same location. One of them was still in the area and made his way back to the scene. 

"He observed the suspect in the parking lot with both weapons. As he was waiting for backup he observed the suspect aim the assault rifle in the air and fire five or six times," said Assistant Chief Chris McIlvain. 

Around that time the man started walking south towards Hope Presbyterian Church. Chief McIlvain says the officers tracked the suspect cautiously. Once he got to the church property police say he fired an additional five or six shots. 

"The suspect had somewhat barricaded himself behind a retaining wall," said McIlvain. 

Meanwhile officers are trying to get the man to drop his weapons but he refused to comply. The back and forth dialog went on for 13 minutes. The SWAT team and hostage negotiators were called to come to the scene but before they could get there the man decided to leave his area of containment in the church's courtyard.

At 2:03 a.m. one APD officer opened fire. The man was pronounced deceased. He is a white man in his 40s but his name has not been released.